Joseph Weinberg

Co-founder & CEO, Paycase

An early investor in Bitcoin and a director at Coinsetter until its acquisition by Kraken FX in 2016, Joseph Weinberg knows his way around the digital currency world.

Currently, Mr. Weinberg is the co-founder and CEO of Paycase, A universal platform company that enables individuals, businesses, and financial institutions to connect to the Internet of Value for the purpose of cross-boarder settlement and remittance.

His diverse experience also includes business development roles at both Xtreme Labs and Pivotal Inc., where he worked on building some of the largest mobile applications currently in use around the world today.

His passion for global transformation and systemic equality is rooted in experience. Prior to joining Xtreme Labs, Joseph spent time in the Peruvian Amazon where he stayed amongst some of the worlds most underdeveloped and impoverished cultures.

Joseph holds a degree in Communications from Simon Fraser University with concentrations in Business & Computer Science.