Christa Steele

Founder & CEO, Boardroom Consulting LLC

Christa Steele is a seasoned executive with over 20 years of commercial and consumer banking experience. As the founder and managing member of Boardroom Consulting LLC, Christa's background with proven execution of key strategic initiatives, M&A, streamlining of operations, growing new markets, implementing technology enhancements, provides an elite consultative and advisory perspective to board of directors and senior leadership. Christa is well versed in understanding the complexities of a multitude of business industry models including working capital and cash flow cycles, macro and micro-economics, corporate governance and company-wide enterprise risk management.

Christa is the former President, CEO and Public Board Member of a $3.4 Billion bank including a $1 Billion Wealth Management division. With more than 6,000 financial institutions nationwide, Christa became the youngest female CEO in the United States to lead a bank the size of MCHB.OTC with a $517 million market capitalization.

Christa is a well-known public commentator and speaker of industry issues. Most recently, speaking to the US field supervisors and regional directors of the FDIC about blockchain technology and its impact to the US financial system. She is an advisor to industry leaders, has lobbied Congress on banking issues and maintains a great working relationship with bank auditors and regulators. 

Christa received the prestigious San Francisco Business Times “Most Influential Women in Bay Area Business” award in 2015 and 2014.